“Largest Drum Circle in the World” at CA & J Farms


CA & J Farm
Our Farm will be participating as a site in
“Largest Drum Circle in the World”
for Peace and Global Unity Starting in Our Own Community
We will be LIVE at the Farm and we will be broadcasting internationally via Zoom and other social media .  More Details Coming Soon!

Put This date on your calendar!
September 24, 2022     Time: 1pm-6pm
5620 East River Rd.  Foster, VA 23056 
$10 Appreciation Donation

Hundreds of Drummers Participate in our event every year and Thousands around the World.  Drums will be provided on a first come basis. You are welcome to bring other acoustic instruments too, like Flutes, Didgeridoos, Singing Bowls and Dance.

Our intent is to connect with peace loving people around the world who have hope for humanity and are willing to work toward positive change. We will be using drumming to gather the community to share in our intent for peace. This Circle is not about being a drummer; it is about being human and planting the seeds of Peace to flourish throughout the world. The Drum Circle for Peace will have Drum, Dance, Poetry and Song.
Join us with your intent on fostering Peace long after the event is over.

Please join our Facebook Page “Largest Drum Circle in the World” so you can get all the info all year round: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LargestDrumCircleintheWorld/

There are many Drum Circles, from around the World, participating in the “Largest Drum Circle in the World” for Peace and Global Unity in a 24 hour period. This is only one event, of the many, occurring here in the US. Please plan on making one in your own country starting in your own community.

Please add your Facebook Friends and Family to this Invite List. You can really help by copy/pasting the link below into your Facebook page so you can start spreading the seeds of peace too.

Here is a song that I wrote about Peace that we can sing this day:

(drums playing a single bass beat)
We want peace
(2 beats)
We want unity
(2 beats)
We want this
(2 beats)
In our world Community
(drum stop playing)
We want Peace all over the World
We want Peace all over the World.
(Repeat from the beginning)

© 2012 Arthur Lopez, All Rights Reserved

Arthur Lopez

Contact email:
[email protected]

Please watch this film where John Hunter the inventor of the “World Peace Games” Plants the seeds of Peace in our schools to help shape the youth of today who later become the leaders of tomorrow.
John Hunter puts all the problems of the world on a 4’x5′ plywood board — and lets his 4th-graders solve them. At TED2011, he explains how his World Peace Game engages school kids, and why the complex lessons it teaches — spontaneous, and always surprising — go further than classroom lectures can.
Teacher and musician John Hunter is the inventor of the World Peace Game (and the star of the new doc “World Peace and Other 4th-Grade Achievements”).

Please watch this film of “Jeremy Gilley: One Day of Peace” on YouTube that inspired me to become involved in working on “Largest Drum Circle in the World” for Peace and Global Unity.
To me, it is the significance of one ordinary man’s quest, with no money, no fame, no political power, but only a dream and the passion to pursue this desire for peace. Through his efforts, he is able to get UN World Leaders to adopt the very first day of peace as September 21. He accomplishes his goal for “One Day of Peace”. It starts with one individual’s effort to create a change in this world. We all start out being ordinary we become extraordinary by our actions. I hope you feel inspired to make some personal journey of your own towards helping create peace in our lifetime.

By your attendance you consent to be Filmed, Video, Audio Recorded and Photographed
Please be advised that film crews affiliated with DrumYourDream.com, independent film companies, and other professional photographers will be filming, recording and photographing the Largest Drum Circle in the World. By entering areas of the event where there may be individuals either filming or photographing activities, you are consenting to being filmed, audio recorded and or captured in photographs. You agree that your image, sounds and voice as captured may be used as part of any documentary, commercial production that incorporates this film or photograph and that this may be broadcasted in any and all media throughout the world in perpetuity without any compensation.