Why you should participate and create a Drum Circle for Peace.

Everyone wants peace and talk about peace, but how many people actually do something  to foster peace in their lifetime.  This is your chance to do that something to inspire and foster peace among all those who attend your “Largest Drum Circle in the World” for Peace and Global Unity Starting in your Own Community™

We want to use drum circles like they have been used for over thousands of years.  Long before modern communications were ever used the sounds of Drums were used to signal to a community that something of importance needs to be shared with everyone.   The people would come from far away and gather in one place to hear what was needed to be said.  The information they received would be of benefit to all who came.

In this same way we will use drums once again to call out to the world community and share rhythms and ideas to help plant the seeds of peace in the hearts and minds of all who attend.  We look to create a movement of people who care enough to act on creating peace and global unity starting in our own community.

If each person there help to promote peace, in their own way, long after the event is over then we would have achieved our goal.  Everyone has some talent that can be used to inspire others to think about peace and ultimately  foster peace.

If you are an Artist create a work of art about peace that can inspire/motivate others to take action.   This display may travel form cities to countries reaching thousands.

If you are the president  of a corporation, have a day with your employees to discuss peace and how we could possibly achieve it, in your work environment and invite your clients too.

If you are a principal/teacher of a school have a day of discussion about peace, not only with the students, but with the parents as well.

If you are a writer write an article/book about peace that inspires others to take action towards fostering peace.

As you can see the idea is for everyone to use what they already do best and make use of that to inspire, motivate, start getting the whole world to really start thinking about peace now, not only when there are atrocities of war, like 911.

Imagine a course in every high school, in the United States, that requires our students to have meaningful discussion about peace and how we could possibly achieve it in our lifetime.  Those very same youth of today who become the leaders of tomorrow would have had the seeds of peace planted in their mind and heart.  So, as they begin to make major decisions about the world they hopefully would have peace as part of the thought process.  And as we become the leaders of peace, other countries could do the same

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